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Quins Gourmet Butcher has been founded on strong country links and family values.

Proprietors, Andrew and Alison Quin both grew up in Northam and know what it means to be a valued contributor to their community.

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Foundations of the brand have been built upon a vision of excellence, which continue to define it:

  • Buy local and supply fresh quality produce
  • Always price competitively
  • Always provide quality customer service
  • Provide on-going staff development

Customers are offered a modern but comfortable gourmet butcher shopping experience, where they can buy a diverse range of fresh, locally produced and ready prepared quality products.

In a competitive, modern consumer market, innovation ensures that the business is agile and resilient. Broadening the brands geographic reach through social media has been just one of the successful strategies executed.

Honey Mint and Rosemary Rack of Lamb
Honey Mint and Rosemary Rack of Lamb

Standards and Service

Critical to maintenance of the brand vision and customer perception is the internal aim to deliver standards of craftsmanship and customer service. Staff input is valued and each is encouraged to take ownership within their respective operational areas.

Owner and lead butcher Andrew Quin, sets the standard and encourages his butchers and apprentices to be at the forefront of the butchering profession. Pivotal to the management style is a focus on safety, training and staff development in butchering and customer communication techniques.

Providing top quality service at affordable prices is not the only value the Quins want to share with their community. The business supports a number of community clubs and associations both financially and through donation of their own products.


Quins Gourmet Butcher encourage and roster staff to engage in community activities and also give of their own time to sit on community boards, one day hoping to create an “Apprentice Mentor Program” with other butcher outlets in country and city centres.

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